January 2018.

Test system for heat exchanger established


Based on the project proposal and equipment acquired, a test system for experimental research of the influence of heat exchanger geometry on heat transfer, equipped with measurement sensors and senders, has been established.


Test system for experimental research has been established in the Laboratory for thermal measurements at the Faculty of Engineering in Rijeka. An open type air tunnel is used. The test system consists of air conditioning unit, air ducts, working fluid pipe system and test zone in which examined heat exchangers are integrated. The experimental research of two heat exchangers is planned within the project, however in the first period the microchannel fin-and-tube heat exchanger has been integrated into the test zone.

Test zone on the air side of the heat exchanger has been equipped with a temperature sensors’ field, both in front of and behind the heat exchanger, set of four hot-wire anemometers for air velocity measurements in front of and behind the heat exchanger, as well as with a differential pressure gauge for measurements of air pressure drop through the heat exchanger. An additional pressure gauge has been connected to an orifice plate to determine air flow rates in the test zone.

On the water side, a secondary heating/cooling circuit has been built, with all additional control equipment and fittings.

A modular universal data acquisition system, for experimental data collecting and storing, has been connected to the test system.



Microchannel fin-and-tube heat exchanger


Test zone with heat exchanger


Test system

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Velocity and differential pressure measuring sensors


Data acquisition system