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Members of the Department:

Assoc. Prof. D. Sc. Lado Kranjčević, Head
Prof. D. Sc. Luka Sopta
Prof. D. Sc. Zoran Mrša
Assoc. Prof. D. Sc. Zoran Čarija
Assist. Prof. D. Sc. Siniša Družeta
Assist. Prof. D. Sc. Jerko Škifić
D. Sc. Stefan Ivić

The scientific and professional activity of the Department consists of research in the field of modelling and fluid flow optimization, especially in mathematical models, numerical methods, open channel flow and flooding simulations, internal fluid flow concerning shocks and cavitations, atmospheric flow modelling with pollution dispersion, flows through turbomachines and shape optimization in the fields of turbomachinery and shipbuilding using commercial software or by developing personal software which encompasses object programming, parallel calculation etc. All the mentioned activities are formally carried out through various projects and thus, there are two scientific research projects currently under construction with one pertaining to information technology, financed by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport. There are also numerous large projects for the industry (Hrvatske vode, VGO Rijeka, HEP – HE Rijeka, He Vinodol, TE Plomin….). The Department has supported the promotion and work of young scientists and junior researchers. It has also fostered close collaboration with scientists, who graduated at this Department and today are active at significant universities abroad (Stanford University, University of California, Santa Barbara). The quality and the excellence of published scientific and professional works reflected in a great number of works published in CC, SCI, MR and other journals and international congresses have been promoted.

The employees of the Department actively participate in all courses of study of the Faculty of Engineering, however, they are mostly engaged in the module Computational Engineering at the undergraduate study of Mechanical Engineering, as well as in the module Computational Mechanics at the postgraduate doctoral study.

Within the Department there are two chairs: Chair of Computational Engineering, Chair headAssist. Prof. D. Sc. Siniša Družeta and Chair of Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Engines, Chair head Assoc. Prof. D. Sc. Zoran Čarija. As a part of the Department there are also the Laboratory of Computational Engineering and the Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Engines.


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