Research interests

  • Applied soft computing
    • Software engineering
    • Peptide chemistry
  • Software defect prediction


  • Introduction to Object-oriented Programming (undergraduate)
  • Software Engineering (undergraduate)
  • Engineering Complx Software Systems (master)
  • Applied Soft Computing (PhD level)


  1. 2018 – 2019 Young researchers initial support project Adapting multi-objective genetic programming for solving complex combinatorial problems, founded by University of Rijeka (PI Goran Mauša, grant no.

  2. 2018 – 2019 Bilateral Croatian – Slovenian project An empirical comparison of machine learning based approaches for code smell detection, founded by Croatian Ministry of Science and Education and Slovenian Research Agency (University of Rijeka and University of Maribor, team member: Goran Mauša)

  3. 2017 - 2019 ERASMUS+ project Focusing Education On Composability, Comprehensibility And Correctness Of Working Software, Key Action 2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices, 2017-1-SK01-KA203-035402 (project partner, local coordinator: Goran Mauša)

Journal publications

  1. D. Kalafatovic; G. Mauša; T. Todorovski; E. Giralt (2019). Algorithm-supported, mass and sequence diversity-oriented random peptide library design, Journal of Cheminformatics, Vol. 11, 11:25, pp. 1 – 15
  2. G. Mauša; T. Galinac Grbac (2017). Co-evolutionary Multi-Population Genetic Programming for Classification in Software Defect Prediction: an Empirical Case Study, Applied soft computing, Vol. 55, pp. 331 – 351
  3. G. Mauša, T. Galinac Grbac, B. Dalbelo Bašić (2016). A Systematic Data Collection Procedure for Software Defect Prediction, Computer Science and Information Systems, Vol. 13 (1), pp. 173 –197


  • Program committee at conferences:
  • Program and organization committee for PhD Forum held within conferences
    • SoftCOM (Split, Sept 2019),
    • SST (Osijek, Oct 2018),
    • ConTEL (Zagreb, Jun 2017)
    • SoftCOM (Split, Sept 2016)
  • Organizing Chair at SQAMIA 2014 Workshop (Lovran, Sept, 2014)


  • BEST PAPER AWARD at SQAMIA 2019 conference (Ohrid, North Macedonia, Spet 2019)
  • AWARD for the best young researcher in engineering and natural sciences for academic year 2016 by University of Rijeka (2017)
  • AWARD for the best research proposal at the summer school SS-SBSE 2016 (Cadiz, Spain, Jul 2016)

Conference papers

  1. G. Mauša, T. Galinac Grbac, L. Brezočnik, v. Podgorelec, M. Heričko, (2019) Software Metrics as Identifiers of Defect Occurrence Severity, Proceeding of SQAMIA 2019, pp. 9:1-2:9
  2. M. Gradišnik, S. Karakatič, T. Beranič, M. Heričko, G. Mauša, T. Galinac Grbac (2019) The Impact of Refactoring on Maintability of Java Code: A Preliminary Review, Proceeding of SQAMIA 2019, pp. 2:1-2:11
  3. M. Gradišnik, T. Beranič, S. Karakatič, G. Mauša (2019) Adapting God Class thresholds for software defect prediction: A case study, Proceeding of MIPRO 2019, pp. 1537-1542
  4. M. Gradišnik,S. Karakatič, G. Mauša, T. Beranič, M. Heričko (2019) Možnosti vpeljave umetne inteligence v proces razvoja programske opreme, Proceedings of DSI 2019, pp. 1-6
  5. M. Mohović, G. Mauša, T. Galinac Grbac (2018). Using Threshold Derivation of Software Metrics for Building Classifiers in Defect Prediction, Proceedings of SQAMIA 2018, pp. 11:1 – 11:9
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