Research interests

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Evolutionary algorithms


  • Evolutionary computing (graduate)
  • Software Engineering (undergraduate)
  • Programming 2 (undergraduate)

A member of:



  • Otović, E., Njirjak, M., Kalafatovic, D., Mauša, G. (2022). Sequential Properties Representation Scheme for Recurrent Neural Network-Based Prediction of Therapeutic Peptides. In Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling. American Chemical Society (ACS). Q1 (IF 6.162)
  • Njirjak, M., Otović, E., Jozinović, D., Lerga J., Mauša, G., Michelini, A., S̆tajduhar, I. (2022). The Choice of Time–Frequency Representations of Non-Stationary Signals Affects Machine Learning Model Accuracy: A Case Study on Earthquake Detection from LEN-DB Data. Mathematics, 10 (6), 965, Q1 EXC (IF 2.592)
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  • Dean's award for excellence, 2020.
  • Dean's award for excellence, 2019.
  • Dean's award for excellence, 2016.