Project Archive

Short Presentation

Over the time, there has been a larger number of projects assigned to- and accomplished by- students (with more or less success) and those listed below encompass some of them worth mentioning within each course or area I cover in the school curricula.

Radiocommunications / Microwave Engineering (RF/microwave/computational electromagnetics)

  • A computational model for wireless power transfer
  • An FDTD code for analysis of an acoustic wave propagation through an inhomogeneous medium
  • Electromagnetic analysis of slot effects on the resonant frequency behavior of a slotted antenna
  • Self-recoverable antenna arrays research based on FPGA boards
  • Design of textile antennas
  • Design of various microstrip antennas (e.g. rectangular microstrip antennas)
  • Design of reconfigurable antennas
  • Design of helix antennas
  • Wilkinson power divider
  • Design of a PIN-diode based phase shifter
  • Design and analysis of a binomial impedance transformer
  • MATLAB/Excel/LabVIEW codes for analysis of propagation problems
  • LabVIEW application for remote usage of RF spectrum analyzer
  • LabVIEW application for remote usage of oscilloscope

Mobile applications developed

  • MapMe by Cirle: a real-time friend finder
  • License Plate Check: a mobile app to identify a vehicle based on the complete or incomplete license license plate number
  • Tennis Partner Search (TPS): mobile search for tennis partner based on various criteria set, from the home area or from the current location
  • Tennis Center Finder (TCF): a web app for finding tennis facilities and adding new ones
  • Propagation Models: a mobile app for evaluation of the Friis equation, plane-earth propagation model, free-space attenation etc.
  • Sport Center Finder: mobile phone-based finder of various sports facilities and their online evaluation
  • SALE app: a mobile application to get notified about the deals and sales in contributing stores
  • Police Checkpoint Alert (PCA): a sound alert about entering the police checkpoint area based on the user-defined radius set and the real-time notification from contributing users
  • Carpool (Rijeka): an app to connect a willing driver and a hitchhiker in need, based on their preferred routes and times. It could be expanded for other cities and outside the city areas
  • Bus_App: an app to suggest which bus line to take to make a ride between the two points and also compares the total ride time between a few similar options

Web application developed

  • Advanced school timetable (management of classes, instructors, groups, composite request etc.)
  • Management of theses and mentor assignment
  • RENT app: a web app for evaluation of apartment landlords and rentners
  • Lab equipment inventory: a web app to store and manage lab inventory
  • Small business administration app: to manage clients, treatments, supplies and other data pertinent to a small business owner
  • eVoting: a web app for managing electronic voting
  • The Smith Chart app: for drawing and evaluating impedances, reflection coefficients, and standing wave ratios using the Smith Chart

Mobile Communications

  • Comparison of NFC vs. Low-energy Bluetooth technologies
  • Codes for modulations analysis and spread spectrum