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Annual Report of the Faculty of Engineering University of Rijeka

In the framework of the activities foreseen in the Strategy of development of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Rijeka, activities aimed at broadening the knowledge about our institution and science in general, at defining its portfolio within the society, at increasing its visibility and its corporate identity have also been included. The herein given Annual Report of the Faculty of Engineering in Rijeka does not only constitute a contribution towards fulfilling these goals, but serves also as a presentation of our activities during the past academic year, as a contribution towards attracting students and partners from the economic and industrial sectors, as means to facilitate the collection of performance indicators about work performed at the Faculty as well as a contribution to the public accountability of our institution and all its staff. This Annual Report offers thus a detailed overview of the organisation and the activities performed at our institution, our work and its contribution to the economic, scientific, and cultural life of the city of Rijeka and the region.


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