Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering

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Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
Vukovarska 58
51000 Rijeka

With the founding of the Chair of Naval Architecture in the academic year of 1968-69 at the then Mechanical Engineering Faculty of Rijeka, formal teaching, research and professional activities in the fields of naval architecture also began. The Chair of Naval Architecture had the task to organize, for the first time, teaching from the shipbuilding course “Fundamentals of ships and equipment” and “Resistance and ship propulsion” with naval mechanics adaptations within the studies of mechanical engineering. Prof. Zlatko Winkler was appointed the head of the Chair. At his incentive studies in naval architecture were established in the academic year of 1969-70, and soon it became apparent that it was necessary to include a larger number of renowned and prominent experts and teaching associates.



  • Published
    21. November 2017.

    VII. Savjetovanje o morskoj tehnologiji

    Na Tehničkom fakultetu Sveučilišta u Rijeci u petak 17. studenog 2017. godine, uspješno je održano VII. Savjetovanje o morskoj tehnologiji – in memoriam akademiku Zlatku Winkleru.

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