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Department of Computer Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
Zgrada tehničkog fakulteta
Vukovarska 58
51000 Rijeka

The Department of Computer Engineering was founded in Fall 2008, as a support to a newly accredited program of computer engineering at our school, starting in the academic year 2008/2009. The Department comprises the fields of computer- and communications- engineering, which follows the current trend in the world, of mutual convergence and interleaving of these two crucial technologies of the today.

The field of computer engineering at our department currently includes development of artificial intelligence and algorithms for human-machine interaction, algorithms for e-learning and m-learning, and the work on digital processing of speech and image. We also carry out research in software engineering applied to the medical field as well as development of methods to test new software. Our labs for applications of information technologies are utilized for education of our students and training of working professionals in the context of their life-long learning.

The other part of the Department carries out work in the field of radio-, optical-, or acoustical- communication systems. Our work is directed towards education of students and research of components, systems, technologies, or protocols for wireless communications, especially mobile, effects of electromagnetic (EM) radiation, and applications of electromagnetics in telemedicine. Specific activities include analysis and design of antennas, development of algorithms, computer simulations of EM radiation and microwave components.

Members of the Department participate in scientific and technological projects, which results in their successive participation at international conferences and publishing in journals.

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