Undergraduate Vocational Study of Naval Architecture

Head: Assist. Prof. Dunja Legović

About the study

Admission requirements

Requirements for admission to study


The aim of the undergraduate vocational study in naval architecture is to train experts in naval architecture to carry out complex operational tasks in the projects of floating objects and marine technology objects and their elements, that is, complex operational tasks of planning, preparing, improving, and controlling the process of building floating objects. The job position is primarily in production and to a lesser extent in the office. If students decide to continue their studies, they can do this at those institutions offering graduate vocational study in naval architecture. In addition, they can continue their studies at the graduate university study of naval architecture at the Faculty of Engineering in Rijeka in line with special admission requirements set by the Faculty Council.   

Learning outcomes

Basic and applied knowledge – naval architecture

  • Apply basic and specialist knowledge in solving specific tasks in the field of naval architecture
  • Select criteria for the dimensioning and building of technical systems in naval architecture
  • Select criteria for the dimensioning and forming of technical processes in electrical engineering

Professional and applied competencies – naval architecture

  • Solve a given engineering problem by using acquired methods and with the possibility of applying appropriate engineering tools
  • Carry out complex operational tasks in technical systems projects in naval architecture / planning technological and production processes / power plants
  • Apply the principles of ethics and ethical responsibility and understand the influence of engineering solutions on the society and the surroundings

Length of study

3 years

Vocational title:

Bachelor in Naval Architecture