Collaboration between RTD actors and SME


The lack of cooperation between researchers and SMEs is evident even on the local level. The scope of the activities within ADRIATinn project (WP5 and WP7) will be the formulation of a cooperation framework that will become a mechanism facilitating SMEs improve their RDI capacity. Based on the framework defined WP5, the pilot action will assess whether the proposed mechanism can become an effective tool for facilitating SMEs to improve their RDI capacity. During the pilot, SMEs from all participating countries will be called to shortly describe their R&D needs and at least 40 of them will be selected after evaluation. Teams of researchers (that according to the SMEs needs may come from any of the involved research institutes, promoting again the strategic approach and the cross-border nature of the project) will undertake the provision of targeted, state of the art studies answering to their needs and becoming a proof of concept reference for the effectiveness of the proposed tool.




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