Laboratory for machining processes



Head Prof. Goran Cukor person.image.file.alt
+385 51 651476, int. 2476 (Office)


Prof. Zoran Jurković

Assist. Prof. Graciela Šterpin Valić

Laboratory purpose/research:

Using the laboratory for teaching purposes by demonstrating machining processes on machine tools and performing practical exercises with the possibility of preparing seminars, final and graduate work and conducting scientific research work on doctoral thesis.

The laboratory provides the possibility of experimental research of new technological processes and cutting tools introduction and machinability of metals while optimizing the machining process and increasing the productivity of machining processes.

An integrated MQL system for lubrication and vortex tube has been installed next to the CNC machine for the purpose of scientific research work on doctoral thesis on sustainable turning machining with the aim of protecting human health and the environment.

Laboratory equipment:

  • CNC machine TU 360 Prvomajska with Philips control unit

  • Vortex tube EXAIR, model 3825

  • External minimal quantity lubrication SKF VectoLub, VE1B units

  • Dino-Lite Pro USB digital microscope, Dino-Lite Digital Microscope

  • 5 000N Quartz Impulse Hammer  type 9724A5000, KISTLER



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