Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Laboratory for Materials Protection

Contact: assoc. prof. Sunčana Smokvina Hanza

Purpose of the laboratory:

Electrochemical corrosion testing and other tests of materials for the purpose of assessing the corrosion resistance of materials, for the purpose of teaching and scientific research.


List of laboratory equipment:

Potentiostat Parstat 2263

Device for electrochemical corrosion investigations with scanning range of +10 V and 200 mA current capabilities.


Parstat 2263.jpg



Ultrasonic cleaner ASonic PRO 50

Ultrasonic cleaner with power of 120W and 40kHz ultrasonic frequency with heating and 5 l capacity.




Pinhole detector Elcometer 270

Pinhole detector which utilises the wet sponge technique.


Glossmeter Elcometer 480

Small, precise and reliable device for gloss measurements. Capable for 3 up to 10 readings per second in multiple angles; 20°, 60°and 85°. u sekundi, pod kutovima od 20°, 60° i 85°.



Variable impact tester Elcometer 1615

Device for evaluating the resistance of a coating to impact (elongation, cracking or peeling) with 10 settings of impact depth, between 2 mm up to 15 mm.


Cross hatch cutter Elcometer 107

Device for cross hatch tests of adhesion of thin or thick coatings on all surfaces. An ideal field or laboratory test.



Coating thickness gauge Elcometer 456

Device for reliable and accurate coating thickness measurements.

  elcometer 456 coating thickness gauges.jpg

Dewpoint meter Elcometer 319

Device for measurements of relative humidity, air temperature, surface temperature, dewpoint temperature, difference between surface temperature and dewpoint.




Digital surface profile gauge Elcometer 224

Device for digital measurements of profile on either flat or curved surfaces.


Bresle salt kit Elcometer 138

Device for measurement of surface contamination to ensure the quality of the coating.




Automatic pull-off adhesion gauge Elcometer 510

Device for automatic adhesion measurements using an automated hydraulic pump. Smooth load application up to 100 MPa.


Surface comparators Elcometer 125

Surface comparators which allow estimation of surface profile of either grit or shot blasted surfaces.



Hot plate IKA C-MAG HP 10

Hot plate for heating of baths for application of coating with possibility of precise temperature regulation up to maximum of 550 °C.



Analytical scale Mettler Toledo JP703C

Analytical scale for precise weight measurements up to 140 g in steps of 0,0001 g.



Coating thickness gauge MiniTest 745

Device for non-destructive coating thickness measurement. Applicable for coatings of thickness up to 15 mm.