Laboratory for Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems

Laboratory for Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems

Head: Assist. Prof. Goran Gregov, D. Sc. M. E.

Areas of Interest:

Measurement of hydraulic system parameters.
Analysis of hydraulic motor parameters with laboratory brake loading system.
Measurement of pneumatic system parameters.
Analysis of servo-pneumatic system parameters.


Laboratory Brake Loading System

The laboratory brake loading system is used to load test hydraulic motors. The electromagnetic brake Telma AD 50-90 is used to achieve variable loading torque. The hydraulic motor and electromagnetic brake are connected by a rigid coupling, and the test bench is adjustable, allowing different types of hydraulic motor to be tested. The hydraulic power unit Hansa-Flex with several directional control valves operated by a PLC unit is used to drive the hydraulic motor. The laboratory system also consists of measuring equipment for motor load torque, rotational speed and hydraulic motor oil pressure drop.

Technical specifications:
Max. load moment: 900 Nm @ 1000 min-1
Max. brake rotational speed: 4500 min-1
Max. pump flow rate: 15 l/min
Max. oil pressure: 210 bar


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Laboratory Pneumatic Testing System

The laboratory pneumatic testing system consists of the following pneumatic and electro-pneumatic component sets manufactured by  FESTO: TP 101, TP 102, TP 201, TP 220, TP 230, compressor and components for the measurement of servo-pneumatic system parameters, such as the proportional pressure valve FESTO VPPE-3-1/8-6-010, air vacuum/pressure sensors, displacement sensor, load cell and National Instrument USB-6211 data acquisition module.


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Measuring Equipment

Parker SCPT 600-02-20 Hydraulic Fluid Pressure and Temperature Measurement System

Pressure measurement range: 0 – 600 bar
Max. operating pressure: 1000 bar
Temperature measurement range: -25 °C to +105 °C


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Datum Electronics M425 3B Torque and Rotational Speed Meter

Torque measurement range: 0 – 2000 Nm
Rotational speed range: 0 – 6000 min-1


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Schmalz VS-VP8 SA M8-4 Air Pressure and Vacuum Sensor

Pressure Measurement range: -1 to 8 bar

Max. Working Pressure: 12 bar


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Zemic H3G-C3-50kg-6B Load Cell
Measurement range: 0 – 500 N


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Burster Praezisionsmesstechnik 8713-100 Potentiometric Displacement Sensor

Measurement range: 0 – 100 mm
Max. displacement speed: 10 m/s
Resolution: 0,01 mm


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