Reverse Engineering Laboratory

Reverse Engineering Laboratory

Head: Assist. Prof. Tea Marohnić, D. Sc. M. E.

Location: Department of Mechanical Engineering Design (laboratory building), room 1-125

Scope / Area of Interest

•    Surface roughness measurement
•    Research and scientific work
•    Laboratory exercises (graduate study of mechanical engineering)
•    Teaching and education (undergraduate and graduate study of mechanical engineering, postgraduate doctoral study)
•    Student projects, final and graduate theses



•    Jenoptik HOMMEL TESTER T1000 (Inv. no. 2004000003496)
The HOMMEL TESTER T1000 is a complete mobile measuring station for mobile and stationary roughness measurements. The T1000 is suitable for all standard roughness measuring tasks with skid scanning system. Tracer with skateboard T1E for surfaces, shafts and holes. Enables evaluation of more than 40 parameters of roughness according to standards - DIN/ISO/JIS/Motif/SEP1940.

Features and Functions:

•    measured roughness: Ra, Rz, Rmax, Rt, Rq, RPc, RSm, RMr (c), Rp, Rv, Rpm, R3z, Rz-ISO, Rsk, Rku, Rc, Rmr%, Rmrμm; Rdq by ISO 4287, Rk, Rpk, Rvk, Mr1, Mr2, Rpk *, Rvk *, Vo by ISO 13565;
•    Profile parameters according to ISO 4287: Pa, Pz, Pmax, Pt, PPc, PSm, Pmr (c), Pp, Pv, Ppm, Psk, Pku, Pq, Pδc, Pmr%, Pmrμm, Pdq.
•    Data storage: 999 measurements, 200 profiles;
•    statistical analysis of measurements;
•    measurement range, T1E probe - up to ± 80 μm (0.01 μm resolution);
•    opportunity to input tolerance (for all parameters), display the results in micrometers or micro-inches;
•    measurement tracks of 1.5, 4.8 and 15 (max. 16) mm as well as with standardized interval;
•    individual measurement tracks 1-5 (free selection);
•    probe position display for precise centering of the device;
•    a digital filter M1, M2 (Rk parameter);
•    LCD display of measurement results;
•    integrated printer for measurement protocol output;
•    serial interface for PC connection;
•    power supply via built-in battery 9 V.










•    Jenoptik T1K Skid Probe (Inv. no. 6021)

For use with HOMMEL TESTER T1000, for measurement on concave and convex surfaces.





•    Jenoptik HOMMEL-ETAMIC EVOVIS Mobile

The HOMMEL-ETAMIC EVOVIS Mobile software is specifically designed for operation with mobile measuring instruments. In online mode, the mobile measuring instrument is directly controlled by the software and turns into a stationary measurement station. In offline mode, the locally measured parameters and profile data saved in the measuring instrument are transferred and evaluated on the PC.

•    Other measuring equipment

Gear gauges, gear/hole/thread micrometers, rubber hardness gauge, electric thermometer, control thermometer, etc.