Laboratory for Machine Dynamics

Istraživači / Researchers:

Oprema / Equipment:

slika01.jpg_1. Industrial computer and Hermolab equipment for signal conditioning






slika02.jpg_2. Schenck Vibroport 41, portable battery-powered two channel measuring instrument for machine diagnostics




slika03.jpg_3. Signal generator Vibropower 41 with power amplifier for electrodynamic exciter Vibroexciter 41






slika04.jpg_4. Rotor dynamic test rig with active magnetic bearings and corresponding control unit





slika05.jpg_5. Rotor dynamic test rig for rotor/stator contact dynamics research






slika06.jpg_6. Kistler Quartz impulse force hammer, Bruel&Kjaer non-contacting displacement pickups, Schenck acceleration sensors




slika07.jpg_7. National Instruments multi-channel data acquisition system for measurements of sound and vibration





slika08.jpg_8. Dewesoft Sirius multi-channel data acquisition system