Product Design and Analysis Laboratory

Product Design and Analysis Laboratory

Head: Prof. Robert Basan, D. Sc. M. E.

Location:  Department of Mechanical Engineering Design (Laboratory building), Room 1-125


Laboratory Field of Activity:

•    measurement of displacements, deformations, strains and stresses as well as other mechanical quantities - force, torsional moment on components, machine parts and structures
•    3D modelling, product development and optimization, reverse engineering, CAE
•    3D scanning/printing
•    research and scientific work
•    laboratory exercises (mechanical engineering graduate university study)
•    teaching and education (mechanical engineering undergraduate and graduate university study, postgraduate doctoral study)
•    student projects, undergraduate and graduate theses
•    collaboration with the industry














Laboratory Equipment

•    Multichannel digital modular measurement system MGCplus (Inv. no. 2007000004603)
The MGCplus measuring amplifier in combination with accessories is applicable in the calibration of technical systems, material characterization and static / dynamic / fatigue measurements on components of structures and machines using electro-resistant measuring gauges and other sensors. Possibility of measuring quantities: displacement, deformation, stress, force, torsional moment and other mechanical quantities and parameters.


•    Single-channel measurement system Scout55 (Inv. no. 2007000004603)
Single-channel measuring amplifier, measuring quantities: displacements, deformation, stress, force, torsional moment and other mechanical quantities and parameters.


•    Wireless strain gauge measuring system Lord Microstrain

Measuring system intended for remote tensometric measurements of deformations and stresses and other mechanical quantities on remote fixed and movable objects, which makes it much more applicable in relation to stationary measuring equipment.
Parts of the system: USB wireless base station Lord Microstrain WSDA-BASE-104-SK (Inv. Nr. 2018000007564)  i wireless 8-channel analogue sensor hub Lord Microstrain V-LINK-200-M (Inv. Nr. 2018000007563)





•    Software for data collection, visualization, analysis and reporting of measurement data Catman Easy (HBM)

•    Other measuring equipment and accessories / material for preparation of measuring samples and measuring points, various tools, glues, electro-resistant measuring strain gauges

•    3D Scanner Shining 3D Einscan SP (Inv. no. 2019000007867)





•    Software Siemens SolidEdge Shining 3D Edition
Software for 3D modeling, reverse engineering, simulations and preparation for 3D printing Siemens SolidEdge Shining 3D Edition


•    3D Printer Original Prusa i3 MK3S (Inv. no. 2019000007879)




•    Desktop Workstation - AMD Ryzen 5 2600X / 32GB / Fast SSD 512GB+1TB / HDD 2TB / GTX1050Ti (Inv. no. 2019000007879)
Workstation for 3D modelling, 3D scanning, reverse engineering and numerical simulation.



Highlighted Cooperations and Projects

MGS grupa d.o.o. Kraljevica, Croatia

DOK-ING d.o.o. Zagreb, Croatia


Highlighted Student Projects/Theses

Pintar, Dario: Experimental and numerical stress analysis of samples with and without stress concentration loaded by pure bending, 2019., graduate thesis, Faculty of Engineering, Rijeka