Laboratory of Ocean Engineering

Laboratory of Ocean Engineering


1. Wave Measurement Buoy

Title: WaveDroid Block III Wave Measurement Buoy with Anchor Line

Manufacturer: H-max, Rijswijk, The Netherlands


Purpose: Measurement and estimation of wave parameters (significant wave height, maximum wave height, peak wave period, average wave period, period of the maximum wave) and estimation of 1D and 2D (directional) wave spectra (peak wave direction, frequencies of the 1D and 2D spectra, energy density of the 1D spectrum, peak direction per wave frequency of the 2D spectrum)

Communication: GSM, satellite, data portal (web application)





2. Portable Emission Analyzer

Title: testo 350 MARITIME Portable Emission Analyzer

Manufacturer: Testo SE & Co. KGaA (Testo), Titisee-Neustadt, Germany


Purpose: The type approved and hard-wearing electro-chemical gas sensors (ECS) record the concentrations of the flue gas components O2, CO and NOx (NO + NO2 separately) highly accurate and long-term stable. CO2 is recorded via a type approved IR-measuring principle. To cope with the rough requirements at sea the entire emission analyzer including accessories is stored in a robust protection case. Portable emission analyzer has Germanischer Lloyd (GL) Type Approval for compliance with MARPOL 73/78 Annex VI, NOx Technical Code and MEPC.103(49).

Communication: USB



3. Inertial sensors for navigation, motion, and heave sensing 

Title: Ellipse AHRS & INS 'Ellipse-A' and 'Dual GNSS Ellipse-D RTK'

Manufacturer: SBG Systems S.A.S., Carrieres-sur-Seine, France


Purpose: Ellipse-A is a cost-effective high performance Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS). It embeds a best in class magnetic calibration procedure for optimal heading, and it is suitable for low to medium dynamic applications. This robust inertial motion sensor provides roll, pitch, heading, and heave data.

Ellipse-D is the smallest Inertial Navigation System integrating a Dual-antenna, multi-band GNSS receiver, capable of delivering precise heading as well as centimeter level position accuracy in the most challenging GNSS conditions.

It provides attitude, heading, heave as well as various navigation outputs.

Communication: RS-232/RS-422






4. Remotely operated underwater vehicle

Title: Remotely operated underwater vehicle ROVBUILDER RB-50 

Manufacturer: Baltic ROV SIA, Riga, Latvia


Purpose: Monitoring and observation during underwater operations. Underwater vehicle is equipped with three thrusters and camera for monitoring and video recording. It is connected to control panel with umbilical cable thus enabling simple control and monitoring. Operational depth is limited to 50 m.   

Communication: Joystick for PlayStation 2 (PS2) with umbilical cable




5. Wind Sensor

Title: Vaisala WINDCAP Ultrasonic Wind Sensor WMT700

Manufacturer: Vaisala, Vantaa, Finland


Purpose: Measurement of wind speed and direction

Communication: RS-232/RS-422/RS-485


6. GPS receiver and antenna 

Title: GPS 19x HVS 

Manufacturer: GARMIN 


Purpose: Measurement of position and other navigation parameters with support for DGPS and GLONASS.

Communication: RS-232/RS-422


7. CompactRIO controller   

Title: CompactRIO Controller cRIO-9030 

Manufacturer: National Instruments (NI)


Purpose: Controller for advanced control, monitoring applications and data acquisition 

Communication: USB, Ethernet


8.  CompactDAQ Chassis

Title: NI cDAQ-9184 CompactDAQ Chassis

Manufacturer: National Instruments (NI)


Purpose: Ethernet chassis designed for small, remote, or distributed sensor measurement systems

Communication: USB, Ethernet


9. Outboard electric motor

Title: Riptide Transom RT40, Saltwater trolling motor, 12 V, 18 kg (thrust)

Manufacturer: Minn Kota / Johnson Outdoors 


Purpose: Outboard electric motor as the prime mover for smaller crafts and other marine vehicles. Primary purpose in our case is as the prime mover of mini boat 'Rapid Whale'. Power supply is provided by a 12 V battery. It can generate thrust up to 18 kg.   


10. Various model kits of ships and underwater vehicles  

a) Rapid Whale Mini Boat

b) Edda Flora - Inspection Maintenance and Repair Vessel

c) Harbour Tug

d) SeaPearch Remotely Operated Vehicle


11. Software packages and computer applications 

a) DNV Sesam, Hydrodynamic analysis software (HydroD, Wadam, Wasim, Waveship, ...)

b) OPTIMOOR, Mooring analysis software

c) Matlab & Simulink R2019b (Data Acquisition, Signal Processing, System Identification, Statistics and Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Optimization, Global Optimization,...)

d) @RISK, Risk analysis software