Laboratory of Thermal Measurements

Laboratory of Thermal Measurements

Head of the laboratory:  Prof. D. Sc. Kristian Lenić

Laboratory activities

Teaching and research activities. Measurements in the field of thermodynamics and thermal engineering as well as the provision of measuring equipment for measuring thermodynamic quantities that are carried out in related laboratories at the faculty.

Scientific activity

In the laboratory experimental investigations in the field of heat exchange in heat exchangers and thermal energy storages, related to the scientific projects are being performed.

Also, in the laboratory, experimental research related to the preparation of doctoral theses of postgraduate doctoral students has been conducted and are being performed.

Scientific projects

Enhancement of the heat exchanger energy efficiency (HEXENER) – scientific project funded by Croatian Science Foundation, project leader Prof. D. Sc. Anica Trp

Accumulation and exchange of thermal energy in renewable energy systems – scientific project supported by University of Rijeka, project leader Prof. D. Sc. Anica Trp

Teaching activities

Using the laboratory equipment, parts of the exercises from the courses Thermodynamics I, Thermodynamics II, Thermodynamics NA, Thermodynamics and energy engineering, Technical heat exchangers, Thermal measurements, Laboratory exercises and Energy sources at undergraduate and graduate university studies as well as a part of courses Experimental methods in heating and energy engineering and Selected chapters on heat exchangers at the postgraduate doctoral study, are being held.

Laboratory equipment

Test station for thermodynamic and hydrodynamic tests of thermal parameters and flow parameters of fin-and-tube heat exchangers

Test station for testing latent heat storages

Water-to-water heat exchanger model test station

ThermaCAM S65 thermographic camera

Digital system for calorimetry of solid and liquid samples "e2k Combustion Calorimeter"

Solid sample calorimeter: Series 1341 Plain Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter, manufacturer "Parr"

Junkers calorimeter for measuring the calorific value of gaseous fuels

Digital instrument for measuring temperature, relative humidity, flow rate, differential pressure Testo 400, product TESTO GmbH

Acquisition system NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS, laboratory and field measurements (DAQCard-AI-16XE-50 and SCXI 1000)


Latentni spremnik.jpg     Lat spr2.jpg

Test station for testing latent heat storages


e2k.JPG      Kalorimetar Parr.jpg

Calorimeter for solid and liquid samples "e2k"                                  Solid sample calorimeter Parr

IS izmj.jpg    20200610_132110.jpg

Test station for  fin-and-tube heat exchangers                                 Water-to-water heat exchanger model test station

Laboratorij za toplinska mjerenja.jpg

Thermographic camera


Cooperation with the laboratories of the Faculty

Laboratory for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning

Laboratory for refrigeration

Cooperation with other laboratories

Laboratory for Heating, Sanitary and Solar Engineering and Air Conditioning, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana

Laboratory for Environmental Technologies in Buildings, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana


Faculty's own resources

Scientific project funded by the Croatian Science Foundation

Scientific project of the University of Rijeka