Laboratory for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Laboratory for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning



Head of the Laboratory: Assoc. Prof. D. Sc. Igor Wolf


About the Laboratory

The Laboratory for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning operates within the Department of Thermodynamics and Energy Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Rijeka. It performs experimental research activities in the fields of therodynamics and thermotechnics. The laboratory was significantly upgraded in 2006, when a test station for thermal comfort studies was built, the main parts of which are a model-space and a heating and cooling station. 

Laboratory activities are primarily carried out in the model-space, where various components and types of heating, cooling and ventilation systems can be tested and evaluated. The model-space is equipped with temperature and relative humidity sensors and can be used for air velocity measurements, analyses of the characteristics of air jets, spatial temperature distributions, air quality, ventilation efficiencies, thermal comfort indices, etc. It is possible to test systems with wall and ceiling fan coil units, cassette units, different types of air diffusers, etc.

The heating and cooling station consists of a water-to-water compression heat pump, hot and cold water storage tanks and other necessary equipment. The station supplies hot and cold water to all heating and cooling circuits in the model-space and test stations in related laboratories. All the components are monitored and controled by a central DDC system.

Thermotechnical and electrotechnical installations in the model-space and in the surrounding rooms were built and equipped in cooperation with R&D Center of the Compagnie Industrielle d’Applications Thermiques (CIAT) France, Intel-Trade doo Croatia, Honeywell, Wilo Croatia doo, Grič automatika doo, Viessmann, INA, Mariterm, etc.



The Laboratory for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning is located in the so-called Laboratory building of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Rijeka. It is spatially divided into two floors. It occupies a part of room 0-88 in the basement of the building, while on the first floor it is located in room 2-121 and in room 2-122, which it shares with the Laboratory for Refrigeration. It has a total area of about 170 m2.



Laboratory Activities

Teaching and scientific research activities.

Measurements in the fields of thermodynamics and thermotechnics (analyzes of indoor environment parameters, thermotechnical system components performances, etc.).

Support in performing similar measurements in related laboratories at the Faculty.


Scientific Activities

Laboratory resources are used for experimental investigations of airflows, air distribution, thermal comfort parameters, heat transfer, energy storage in heat storage tanks.


Scientific Projects

Enhancement of the Heat Exchanger Energy Efficiency (HEXENER)scientific project funded by Croatian Science Foundation, project leader Prof. D. Sc. Anica Trp

Thermal Energy Storage and Heat Transfer in Renewable Energy Systems – scientific project supported by University of Rijeka, project leader Prof. D. Sc. Anica Trp



Teaching Activities

In addition to scientific research, teaching activities are also being performed in the laboratory. This primarily refers to laboratory exercises within the course Thermal Measurements at the graduate university study of mechanical engineering. Students who take the course Heating at the undergraduate university study of mechanical engineering and those who take the courses Air Conditioning and Automation Systems and Renewable Energy Sources at the graduate university study of mechanical engineering by visiting the Laboratory have the opportunity to get acquainted with the equipment and devices that are parts of thermotechnical systems.

Experimental exercises within the course Selected Chapters in Heating and Air Conditioning at the postgraduate doctoral study are also being held in the Laboratory.



(Significant) Laboratory Equipment

Test station for heating, cooling and ventilation system components performances evaluation and determination of thermal comfort parameters (the model-space)

Heating and cooling station with a water-to-water heat pump, dry coolers, plate heat exchangers (CIAT), storage tanks for hot and cold water (ZANI), inverter circulation pumps (WILO, SALMSON)

Heating and cooling units (CIAT, different types of fan coil units)

Air diffusers (SCHAKO)

Air handling unit CIAT AIRTECH 50 (air flow 3500 m3/h) with DDC system elements (HONEYWELL)

Central management and automation system and its components (HONEYWELL)

Demonstration solar station consisting of a flat plate and a vacuum tube collector, a storage tank, a pump group, a DDC controller and associated fittings (VIESSMANN)




Istraživanja u model-prostoru.jpgResearch activities in the model-space


IMG_20200708_094652.jpgHeating and cooling station with the water-to-water heat pump and hot and cold water tanks


Shematski prikaz toplinsko-rashladne stanice.jpgFunctional scheme of the heating and cooling station


IMG_20200708_094452.jpgAir Handling Unit CIAT AIRTECH 50


Cooperation with other laboratories

Laboratory for Thermal Measurements

Laboratory for Refrigeration

Research and Development Center, CIAT, France



Faculty’s own sources

Scientific project funded by the Croatian Science Foundation

Scientific project of the University of Rijeka

Donations (Intel Trade, CIAT, Honeywell, Wilo, Schako, Viessmann, INA, Mariterm)